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Computer Repairs

Many of the problems with vehicles these days are computer related. These require very specialised attention and we have an excellent technician that carries out this work for us.

We repair many transmission computers, the most common that we repair are ZF6HP26 Nissan / Mazda RE5R05A, Audi / VW 01J,  Toyota Rav4, Mercedes A160, A190, 722.9 But we repair many others. Send us through your fault codes and we can indicate whether we can repair or not, some computers are often encased with resin and we have no possibility to repair these.

To check out a computer requires several hours of research, before we can determine if we can repair, so discuss with us the costs involved.

We can also repair the engine computer, Power Steering computer, Instrument cluster and Body Control Modules. We repair for a wide range of automotive and on highway / off highway vehicles.

Call or email us with your issue.

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About Us

Transmax have been in business specializing in transmission parts and quality transmission rebuilds since 1987. We are a team of capable, honest, professional, precise parts specialists and rebuilders. Our aim is to provide you with the best customer service in our industry.