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Computer Repairs

By repairing your computer, we can often save you  money and time. Lots of it.

New computers [also known as the Electronic Control Unit or ECU] generally costs thousands of dollars. Our repair costs will typically be in the hundreds of dollars. By repairing your computer, you also save on re-programming costs and time. Often New ECU’s are sourced from overseas and we generally have your computer back to you in a few days,

We can also repair most other automotive computers be it Engine, ABS, Instrument clusters etc.

Consider us for all automotive / truck / bus / industrial computer repair as well, we have a lot of work in these areas.

Very common automatic transmission s that we repair are in Audi VW, BMW, Nissan, Mercedes, Toyota, Ford, GM etc.

Call or email us with your issue.

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About Us

Transmax have been in business specializing in transmission parts and quality transmission rebuilds since 1987. We are a team of capable, honest, professional, precise parts specialists and rebuilders. Our aim is to provide you with the best customer service in our industry.