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Transmission Repairs

Without it costing too much

We will keep the cost of repairing your transmission as affordable as we can. What we would like you to understand is that your transmission is complex. Sometimes we can advise a simple remedy to a problem major, or minor [please feel free to call us] that maybe causing your transmission to do things you don’t want.

However if your transmission has had one good life and needs another, there is no “super fix in tube” that we can supply.

We do believe that we can do a quality rebuild on your  transmission at the best rates, saving you significant money which is why you are looking at our website right ?

How do we do this ?

[a] We are a large importer of transmission parts from worldwide sources, we can pass this benefit on to you.

[b] We have very good contract rates with the top transmission rebuilders who know how to do the best job on your transmission.

You will get the best job done at the best rate.

Contact Uzma or Niket now to discuss your transmission issue. We can sort it quickly and affordably.

We understand that transmission repairs do cost money, and you can’t see any difference. But we guarantee you will feel the difference at least when you come to us.

Why will my transmission have failed? confused.jpg

Your transmission gets hot, it gets cold, it gets hot, it gets cold. All this temperature changing takes its toll on all products that are manmade. There are numerous rubber components [mostly seals] in a transmission that with this temperature changing become hard and then don’t hold pressure, allowing oil to pass where it shouldn’t and this causes other parts of the transmission to come under stress. These in turn put other parts of the transmission under stress and these parts also begin to fail. This is really common wear and tear. Additionally the same thing can happen to electrical components suffering  the  same duress from temperature change, and fail. These can cause n cause immediate rectifiable problems or other parts in the transmission to start failing.

Based on what you tell us we can paint a picture of the likely scenario and tell you what has probably happened.  Call or email Uzma or Niket, and they are very happy to help.  

How does my Automatic Transmission work? 

The automatic transmission is the most complicated mechanical component in your car.

Your engine produces power the more you push down on the gas pedal, and this power becomes an energy that we commonly call torque.

This torque leaves the engine and goes through a fluid coupling device called a torque converter. This is a round unit in the rough shape of a “pregnant discuss.”  The torque converter contains strategically located vanes which fling oil efficiently in a new direction to transfer the power into the transmission.  This in turn drives the transmission pump which maintains oil pressure throughout the transmission  enabling  several clutch packs to operate in conjunction with the planetary gears to distribute the correct ratio power to the axles. All this activity is monitored by sensors which pass information back to the transmission computer [ECU], and this tells the valve body [which is really the brain of the transmission] what functions to apply in the transmission. So if you get a problem in any one of these key performing parts, the other parts in the chain get confused information. This results in a problem you will have with your transmission. And we know how to fix it for you.

Just call Uzma or Niket.

How much will it cost ?

Its not that easy to say until we have taken your transmission apart and fully diagnosed the fault.

Maybe we can tell you just to change some solenoids or fit a new spring and its only a few dollars. If it’s a rebuild our cheapest rate for a basic rebuild in a common Mitsubishi or Nissan or Toyota will around $1600 for gaskets, seals, friction plates and overhauling the torque converter.

Call Uzma or Niket for more help. We are keen to do the best for you.

ECU Repair

We carry out all types of repair for electronic parts. Transmission Computer, Engine computer, ABS computer, Brake computer, Gear Shifter, Instrument cluster etc. Anything electronic save yourself a fortune by repairing your old unit, rather than buying a new one. 

About Us

Transmax have been in business specializing in transmission parts and quality transmission rebuilds since 1987. We are a team of capable, honest, professional, precise parts specialists and rebuilders. Our aim is to provide you with the best customer service in our industry.